What does a good AMS advert look like?

Accommodation advertisers often ask us what a good advert looks like. The answer is simple. Include as much information as you can and show your property/room in the best possible light to make it appealing to SZC workers. And don’t forget to set the room/property’s availability!

Remember: when you’ve uploaded your advert, you can click the ‘Preview Advert’ button via your Advertiser Dashboard to see an accurate representation of how seekers will see your ad.

To assist you further, we’ve put together this simple guide for things to consider when creating your advert. And don’t worry if you don’t get it right first time, you can edit your advert after you’ve uploaded it to make sure you get it perfect!

Top Tips for Creating Your AMS Advert

Cast your eye over the sample advert below. We will then breakdown this advert and give you advice and guidance for things to include and common pitfalls to avoid…


SZC AMS sample advert


Steps to Follow

  1. Select the ‘Type of Property’ that best describes what you’re advertising.
  2. Add a short description that really sells your property. You only have 300 characters for the description so focus on information and features that seekers will find appealing.
  3. Select a minimum and maximum tenancy period if applicable. If there isn’t a minimum, select ‘none’.
  4. Add the postcode and town. Check this to ensure accuracy or your ad may not display correctly on our map.
  5. Tell us the number of bed spaces you have available. N.B. If you provide individual rooms at different price points, we recommend you create separate ads for each room so you can set the pricing accordingly.
  6. Enter the price per night/week/month. Ideally, you will provide a price for all three. While we cannot dictate what your prices should be, our workers have a fairly modest per diem budget. The more competitive your pricing, the more popular your ad is likely to be. In most cases, the per night price should not exceed £80.
  7. Tell us if you have parking available.
  8. If you have a website or preferred 3rd party platform where people can book (e.g. Airbnb, spareroom.com, etc.), enter the link – preferably, to a specific page on the site for this property/room. Don’t worry if you do not have a website, you can enter a contact email and phone number so people can book with you direct.
  9. Add a property name/reference so you can identify the property if you upload multiple ads. This is not visible to seekers.
  10. Tell us if your property is private or commercial, i.e. is it your own home or are you a professional landlord?
  11. Upload the documents we require to be able to approve your advert/property. Please refer to this guide to find out which documents we will need you to upload for your property type.
  12. Don’t overdo it but upload a good selection of high-quality (large-resolution) photos to showcase your property/room. Seekers will be able to click on photos to open them in a larger gallery window so ideally, they need to be a decent size. N.B. Try to keep the file size to 2mb max. The last photo you upload will be the first to appear on your ad, making it the featured image. If you’d like to change the featured image, you can edit the ad and click on the photo that you would like to make the ‘main’ image.
  13. Finally, add a contact email and phone number for this property. It doesn’t have to be the same details you registered with if there is a more appropriate contact for this specific property. N.B. Do not include spaces in your property contact number.

And that’s it! Before you upload the ad, double-check all the information you’ve entered to ensure there are no mistakes or typos.

Next Steps

New and updated ads will need to go through our approval process before they appear to seekers but this usually only takes 24-48 hours. We will contact you if we need any further information or clarification.

After you’ve uploaded your ad, you will be able to ‘Set Availability’ for the property/room (via the Advertiser Dashboard) by selecting any dates where it has been booked.

Managing Your Ads

If you’d like to create another advert, simply click the orange ‘Create a New Advert’ button from your Advertiser Dashboard and away you go! You can also manage your adverts from here – set availability, preview, edit, archive/unarchive and delete.

If you have any issues at all, please contact us at accommodationservices@sizewellc.com and we’ll do our best to assist you.