Information for Accommodation Providers

Advertise Accommodation

Welcome to the Sizewell C Provider AMS

Thank you for your interest in the Sizewell C project and in offering accommodation to our workers. We welcome all types of accommodation as long as it is good quality and safe, supporting Sizewell C’s commitment to Zero Harm.

What We Expect from Landlords

At Sizewell C, we expect accommodation providers to comply with all legal requirements, such as gas, electrical and fire safety; to have all necessary permissions or licences in place (such as for caravan sites or HMOs) and appropriate insurance; and to provide accommodation under appropriate legal arrangements, such as tenancy agreements with protected deposit schemes. Rooms should not be sub-let unless you have the permission of your landlord.

Your Commitment to Accommodation Seekers

All providers will be asked to agree to our Disclaimer before registering your accommodation to acknowledge you are aware of these responsibilities and will comply with them.

If you would like to learn more about what Sizewell C workers will be looking for, please refer to our FAQs for Providers. If you have a question we have not answered or need any help with the registration process, please contact us

How to Advertise Your Property or Room

When you register as an AMS user and add a room or property for rent, you will be prompted to add a booking link. This can be a link to your own website or a third-party booking platform, such as Airbnb or If you do not have a booking link, you can provide an email or phone number so seekers can contact you directly to book. If you would like to list your property on a third-party site, useful guides can be found here…

Add your property to Airbnb

Add your property to

Add your property to Rightmove

Add your room/property to SpareRoom

Adding Multiple Properties or Rooms

After your first advert has been approved (usually within 24-48 hours), you can edit your advert and add as many new adverts as you like via your provider dashboard. Simply hit the ‘Create a new advert’ button to list more properties or rooms. Ad updates and new ads will go through our approval process.

If you have multiple rooms at the same property, you should create a new ad for each room and use a different ‘Property name/reference’ so you can identify them easily. That way, you can set availability and pricing individually for each room. We recommend you add something in the ‘Property description’ so seekers can see the difference, e.g. Seaview Apartment, King Room #1, etc.

Have a question about the Sizewell C project?

Please contact us at or freephone 0800 197 6102. Alternatively, our Information Office on Leiston High Street is open weekdays between 9:30am and 5pm.